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Republican campaign fundraising, marketing, and direct-response.

  • These guys know their stuff. There is no need to worry or micro-manage with a team this professional and knowledgeable. They got it right … every time.

    Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker
  • The SCM Associates team is professional, knowledgeable, and at the top of their game. They played a critical role in all of my gubernatorial campaigns, including the recall.

    Governor Scott Walker
  • SCM Associates has mastered both the art and science of political fundraising. Their ‘outside the Beltway ’ attitude is refreshing and they get results. Period.

    Senator Scott Brown
  • SCM Associates has been a trusted member of Mitt Romney's team for more than a decade—helping to raise $155 million in the 2012 election cycle alone from donors big and small. They know their stuff.

    Matt Rhoades Romney for President Campaign Manager
  • Working for you, getting results.

    Keith Gilkes Campaign Manager for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's 2010 Campaign and Recall Election Campaign
  • When we launched Mitt Romney's Free and Strong America PAC back in 2008, we did so with only a small, core team—SCM Associates was a key part of that team. SCM Associates played a critical role in both our fundraising and outreach to supporters via mail, phones, and email, ultimately helping us elect hundreds of Republican candidates nationwide.

    Peter Flaherty Executive Director of Mitt Romney's
    Free and Strong America PAC
  • I have worked with the SCM team for over a decade … and with many different candidates … and whether it's for a junior Congressman or a Governor, I'm consistently impressed with their attention to detail, their personalized service, and their unmatched results. They are the best out there!

    Mary Stitt Finance Consultant
  • I've worked with SCM Associates on races all over the country and they never fail to deliver. They create unique appeals that actually sound like your candidate. They manage an often arduous approval process with a combination of patience and urgency. And, most importantly, they deliver outstanding results!

    Caryn EggeraatNational Finance Consultant
  • We all know nothing means more to campaigns than net dollars, and SCM Associates appreciates that more than any other firm out there. They consistently beat goals and exceed expectations. And they seem to do it cycle after cycle! They would be a trusted and valued partner for any campaign.

    Jeff LivingstonNational Finance Consultant, The Townsend Group
  • A recurring theme of my campaign was “Iowa Knows Best,” but SCM Associates knows best when it comes to political fundraising. Trust is hard to come by in politics but they earned my trust -- and respect -- with their dedicated, personalized service and stellar results.

    Senator Joni Ernst
  • SCM Associates has served as a key member of Mitt Romney's finance team for more than a decade. If you're serious about fundraising, SCM Associates should be part of your team.

    Spencer Zwick Romney Victory and Romney for President National Finance Chairman
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